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Hello, my name is Saida Taoufik and I'm 29 years old and currently living in Qatar. I am a native Arabic speaker and teach Arabic, Berber. I have been an online Arabic teacher with since November 2019. I can speak the following languages fluently: Arabic, Berber, English, French. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello! Marhaban! مرحبا!

My name is Saida, I'm a native Arabic speaker and I'm trilingual. It's been over three years that I've been teaching Arabic for foreigners from different backgrounds, I work mainly with beginners and I'm very patient with my students, I try teaching them the basics in the simplest way with the right pronunciation. I focus on conversational Arabic as well in order to help students practice, build self-confidence and to be able to speak Arabic fluently with fewer mistakes.

I speak different dialects, and I understand most of the Arabic dialects all over the Arabic countries. So I do help out with the dialects as well.

I'd be glad to be your teacher.

Let's ace it ,)

Qualifications & Experience

Bachelor's degree in Economy and management.

2 years Undergraduate in English studies.

I'm preparing TEFL.

3 years of teaching Arabic for non-natives.

Teaching Approach

- I teach the alphabet

- I teach Arabic rules in a simple way

- I teach GCC dialect

- I teach Darija

- I teach conversational Arabic

Detailed Profile in Berber

About me

I'm a native Amazigh (berber) from the south of Morocco, I can teach you this language if you want to learn it.

Qualifications & Experience

Berber is my mother tongue.

Teaching Approach

Azul flawn,

I can teach you vocabulary, grammar rules, how to make sentences, and eventually how to hold a conversation.

Detailed Profile in French

About me

Heeey Salut!

Je m'appelle Saida, L'Arabe est ma langue maternelle et je suis trilingue. Ca fait plus que trois ans que j'enseigne l'arabe pour des étrangers. Je suis très patient avec mes étudiants et j'essaie de leur enseigner les bases du moyen plus simple avec la bonne prononciation. Je me base aussi sur la conversation afin d’aider les étudiants à pratiquer, à développer leur confiance en eux-mêmes et à pouvoir parler arabe couramment avec moins d’erreurs.

Je parle différents dialectes et je comprends la plupart des dialectes arabes, donc je peux vous aider avec les dialectes.

Qualifications & Experience

License en Economie et Gestion.

J'ai completer 2 ans universitaire en English studies.

Experience de 3 ans en ensignant l'arab pour les non arab.

Je prépare le TEFL.

Teaching Approach

- J'enseigne l'arab pour les non-Arab, et j'essaie de le faire d'une manière simple et facile à comprendre.

- J'enseigne le Darija Marocaine

- J'enseigne le dialecte Khaliji

My last class was :
28 Jan 2020
By : Mike B
Subject : Arabic 
Great lesson. Saida is a very patient teacher and worked with me to understand my goals and discussed her suggested plan to go about them. I felt the lesson was appropriately paced and informative and she was very helped in helping pronunciation and understanding of phrases. Look forward to working further with her.
19 Jan 2020
By : moeidnawaz
Subject : Arabic 
My first lesson was delivered by Saida on 19/01/2020 which was truly up to the mark. She knows quite well how to teach and get the person across the language learning. Though I asked Saida for Gulf Arabic, and she gave me the lessons with MSA which is a good start toward learning the spoken Arabic. After learning MSA (FUSHA), it's very easy then to speak Gulf dialect. I would 100% recommend Saida Taoufik for beginners of Gulf Arabic Learners. I would give 10 out of 10.
19 Jan 2020
By : Mallie
Subject : Arabic 
Saida is very friendly and a very good teacher. This is my 2nd lesson with Saida and her positive and professional attitude has made me confident that I will be able to learn the Arabic language.
16 Jan 2020
By : Guled I
Subject : Arabic 
woow..... very short but interesting lesson. Thanks Saida

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