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 Hello, my name is Asahi Aoki and I'm an experienced native Japanese language tutor currently living in Japan. I have been teaching Japanese online since 2020.  
Latest Reviews
tutor Yu Chen L
 It was fun to practice my Japanese with Asahi-san. Will continue my lesson with Asahi-san. 
tutor xblancoxmeowx
United Kingdom
 Asahi is great at helping me learn Japanese. Breaks down the words as slow as I need them. Looking forward to many more classes and the day I can understand basic Japanese  
tutor Renee O
United States
 Asahi-san is a great teacher and highly organized! I enjoy my sessions with her. I am attending class with her weekly now. I also like how affordable the class is. Thank you for the excellent teaching. 
tutor Renee O
United States
 Excellent session 
tutor Renee O
United States
 A positive experience. Thank you  
About me - English

Thank you for reading my profile. I'm Asahi Aoki. I am a native Japanese speaker. I was born and raised arond Tokyo, so my Japanese pronunciation is standard.

I like watching movies, learning new languages, drawing and travelling around the world. I′ve been to many countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia, India, Turkey, Italy, Hawaii, Saipan and so on. I was so impressed by people's life and their local culture there.

I am a friendly and cheerful person. And my passion for teaching languages is second to none. Please feel free to ask any questions.

I′m looking forward to hearing from you.

Qualifications & Experience

I am a professional Japanese teacher and have taught Japanese for more than 2 years. I have experience in teaching Japanese from Beginner to Advanced level. At first, many students feel uneasy about speaking Japanese. However, as we practice together, they become able to communicate in Japanese more and more. Supporting students to achieve their goals is so worthwhile for me.

*Online Japanese teacher(more than 2 years, from Beginner to Advanced level)

*Online English teacher (more than 3 years, from Adult to Children's classes)

*English teacher (Group lessons in a company)

Teaching Approach

I will provide customized lessons to meet your individual needs. l can also assign homework, if you like. For beginners, I usually use English to explain. From intermediate levels, we use Japanese most of the time! If you have specific materials you want to use, I'm happy to use it in our class. I can also provide handouts as needed.

I can teach...

*Practical Japanese in a easy and fun way

I will teach you Japanese conversations, Grammar, business Japanese and so on, in a practical way. I think it's important that you can use what we learnt in our lesson. So I will select practical expressions depending on your requests. I encourage my students speak Japanese as much as possible in my lesson. And I will explain you the best expressions based on the latest information about Japan.

*Business Japanese

Japanese business practice may seem unusual sometimes, but there are some tips to understand it. Since I've worked for Japanese companies, I have a deep knowledge about it. I will support you to communicate with Japanese companies smoothly. Japanese emails, phone calls, meeting, greetings for business etc.

*Japanese News, Essays, Thesis, JLPT

Reading Japanese News together, you will be able to know what 's going on in Japan now. I will select some interesting Japanese news and tell you some points to understand it quickly. I have translated English into Japanese in my job. I've also written many papers while I was working on a Master′s degree. So depending on your needs, I will tell you a variety of written Japanese.

I would like to support and guide you to learn Japanese in a simple, easy and fun way. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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