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  Hello, my name is Gordon Seiler and I'm 48 years old and currently living in South Africa. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with Verbalplanet since January 2020. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 80% of my normal lesson price for new students. 
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My Latest Feedback
29 Jun 2020
Claudia M
 Trank you for your positive lesson.we talken different topics and I feld very comfortable. And with fun 🤣. Trank you Gordon 
28 Jun 2020
Vadim B
 Dear Gordon, as always, it was an excellent, very efficient, and interesting lesson. Thanks, Vadim  
26 Jun 2020
 one of the best teacher!  
22 Jun 2020
Claudia M
 My best teacher ...😊👏👏👏 
19 Jun 2020
 Lesson about famouse people and places: actors, fashion and egyptian pyramids. That was a great one because I had the opportunity to talk a lot. I feel more confortable now with speek (my weakest point). Thanks, Gordon. 
16 Jun 2020
Claudia M
 A lesson with prepositions and phrasal verbs 😅 and many fun... have a successful week Gordon  
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About me - English

Hello! My name is Gordon and I am a native English speaker with a neutral accent. I am passionate about teaching English to students who are new to the language. I am TEFL/TESOL certified and I have also worked for many years in public speaking. I have the experience and tools to improve your English. I believe in teaching English in a calm and relaxed manner to put the student at ease. I know that once a student has better self esteem and confidence, then they will learn that new language easier. A booking with me will assist you in developing better conversation skills, improve your grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and language. I know that learning a new language can be quite difficult and frustrating. However, I can assure you that I work gradually and allow you to discover the language in a fun and interactive way. All lessons are customized to your level and specific requirements. I provide a lesson plan for every lesson and will also provide materials before each lesson that you can practice with.

The world is a global village, and by regularly conversing with each other we discover and learn more everyday.

Book an appointment with me today and let me help you improve your English.

Qualifications & Experience

TEFL/TESOL Certificate

TEFL Practical Teaching Certificate

IELTS Preparation Lessons

TOEFL Preparation Lessons

Business English Specifics Training

Digital Marketing - Article Writing

Speaking Skills Fluency Training

Reading Comprehension Skill Training

I have also worked in Public Speaking for over 25 years.

Teaching Approach

I teach English with calm, fun and interactive methods.

Firstly, good conversation assists with improving everyday English and builds confidence to speak the language.

I create good dialogue at first, so that the student can practice the English that they already know.

Each lesson will include new exercises to improve your speaking skills and ultimately result in you achieving the fluency level that you require.

I use TEFL/TESOL skills to improve your grammar, pronunciation, reading and listening skills.

My training material also improves your writing skills, visual literacy and spelling.

I provide homework exercises after each lesson, so that you can practice what we have learnt in each lesson.

My lesson plan will encompass all active and passive elements that are required to learn a new language.

My lessons are very interactive and fun. We practice vocabulary, grammar, reading and good conversation skills.

IELTS - Specific Preparation Lessons to improve your score.

TOEFL - Specific Preparation Lessons to improve your score.

Business English - Structured Lessons, to assist with better English required in the workplace.

Digital Marketing Articles - Writing Specific Lessons.

Speaking Skills Fluency Lesson Plan.

Reading Comprehension Skills.

Visual Literacy Skills.

English Writing - Improve your grammar in emails, reports, website editing, creative writing and general writing.

Grammar Editing - Websites and Social Media.

Improve your Speaking Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation.

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