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Nobuyuki Usami
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 Hello, my name is Nobuyuki Usami and I'm an experienced native Japanese language tutor currently living in Japan. I have been teaching Japanese online since 2020. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
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tutor 2010shawn
United States
 Great lesson, thank you! 
tutor B B
United Kingdom
 Thank you for another great lesson. 
tutor B B
United Kingdom
 Another great session, and a much-needed chance to practise my Japanese. 
tutor B B
United Kingdom
 Thanks for another good lesson. It is much appreciated. 
tutor B B
United Kingdom
 Another excellent lesson. 
tutor B B
United Kingdom
 I am not good at leaving reviews after each lesson as I probably should. I think my last review was several lessons ago. I have been extremely happy with my lessons with Nobuyuki-san. The content is always interesting, and he is flexible in his approach so if I bring up a topic of interest, he allows the lesson to take its course as the conversation evolves. I always ask for clarification if I am unsure about a word or if I think I might have misheard and Nobuyuki-san always provides helpful and professional responses. Whether starting off or already proficient, I am happy to strongly recommend Nobuyuki Usami as an attentive, personable, interesting and professional teacher. 
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About me - English

Hi everyone! Konnichiwa.

I'm very happy that you are interested in learning Japanese.

I was born and live in Ichinomiya, seashore of Chiba, the famous place for surfing and a very rural area near Tokyo. I am a national licensed guide in English and I really like traveling and have visited so many places not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.

I like learning different languages and cultures, so I started to study English and Mandarin Chinese. Now we have technologies such as Google translate but I think if we can communicate directly, it is much better.

I have experience in teaching Japanese lessons, including ancient literature, at school.

Let’s talk about your favourite things, experiences, cultures and so on in Japanese!!

Qualifications & Experience


Personal tutor for junior high school & high school students (4 years)

National licensed English tour guide (2 years)


Japan national licensed tour guide (English)

Master of international tourism

So, I love to share Japanese culture, history, tourist spots…

Teaching Approach

In the beginning, we will have a level check, goal and curriculum setting. And then I will provide you with suitable content depending on your level. Of course, you can request to customize the lessons.

I try to teach you real Japanese using new words.

The lessons will be held only in Japanese but I sometime to add explanations in English for beginners.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

I look forward to meeting you in the lesson soon.

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