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 Hello, my name is David Ching and I'm an experienced native English language tutor currently living in the United Kingdom. I have been teaching English online since 2020. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
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tutor Magdalena1978
 I had my first lesson with David today and was more than happy with it as David was not only professional and well prepared but he also was most personable. The advice he provided was competent and helpful. I look forward to continuing my language journey with him. Thank you, David. 
tutor DorisSpiessl
 I can highly recommend David as a teacher. I really like the way he teaches. He is very structured, professional and relaiable, which guarantees a good learning success, but he does not forget fun, which in my opinion should not be missing. I look forward to every English lesson with David, because I'm learning a lot and I'm always surprised about the different methods to learn a new language. Don't hesitate to contact him. 
tutor bammeatj
 David is exactly the right teacher. For me, it is important to talk and discuss different topics with him, e.g. job interviews or everyday topics. He es very sympathic and empathic and perfectly matches my individual needs for English conversation training. In addition, he provides me with his notes on corrections or new phrases so that I can follow-up. 
tutor LindiC
United Kingdom
 Absolutely great and always good fun with David! I love it how David is so super organised and flexible on what I need. He is very patient with me and helps me with my mistakes. Look forward to our next lesson! 
tutor Barlas
 Good text to read and understand More technical English will help me for my daily Work 
tutor Barlas
 Good text to read and understand More technical english will help me for my daily Work 
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About me - English

I teach all levels of English from A1 to C1.

In my lessons, you will receive friendly, fun but also focused tuition where mistakes are welcome because my feedback will help you remember vocabulary and language structures.

I am originally from South Africa and have also lived in Germany. Now I am based in the south of England, and I also teach English to adult learners in a local language school. My students have remarked that I am a friendly, creative and patient person. I like to work in a focused but relaxed fashion. Learning comes more easily when you are relaxed and enjoying the lesson.

I live in Devon in England, near the sea, and in my spare time I enjoy kayaking, cycling, walking and reading.

Qualifications & Experience

Certificate TESOL - Trinity College London

Over ten years of experience in teaching general and business English, in companies, language schools and online. I taught English in Bavaria, Germany for 8 years where I taught general English to classes who wanted to improve their "holiday" English, and to classes who needed to pass an English test. I also taught Business English in companies ranging from Retailers to High Tech. Since returning to England I have taught online, in a local language school and I have also been involved in OET testing.

Teaching Approach

I use the communicative method to help my students improve their speaking skills, their vocabulary and grammar. I work with my students to develop a learning programme that helps them make steady progress.

I often use online books in order to provide a clear structure, and you as the student can also buy a paper copy of the book from the publisher so that you can use it for practice between lessons. Getting a book is optional of course and I am also happy to adapt what I do to what you need. I am happy to practice job interviews, presentations etc. or just to discuss holidays and hobbies. I can also help you prepare for English tests such as OET, IELTS, LCC or the Cambridge exams.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how I might be able to help you.

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About me - German

Hallo. Ich unterrichte gerne Einzelunterricht, weil ich gerne Menschen treffe und etwas über ihre Kultur und ihren Hintergrund lerne. Ich unterrichte gerne Englisch, weil es mir die Möglichkeit gibt, Menschen dabei zu helfen, ihre Ziele beim Englischlernen und in ihrer Karriere zu erreichen.

Ich komme ursprünglich aus Südafrika und habe auch einige Jahre in Deutschland verbracht. Ich wohne gerade in Südengland und unterrichte auch in einer örtlichen Sprachschule für erwachsene Lernende.

Qualifications & Experience

Zertifikat TESOL - Trinity College London

Zehn Jahre Erfahrung im Unterrichten von allgemeinem und Wirtschaftsenglisch in Unternehmen, Sprachschulen und online.

Teaching Approach

Ich verwende die kommunikative Methode, um meinen Schülern zu helfen, ihre Sprechfertigkeit, ihren Wortschatz und ihre Grammatik zu verbessern. Ich entwickle gemeinsam mit meinen Schülern ein Lernprogramm, das ihnen hilft, auf entspannte und unterhaltsame Weise Fortschritte zu machen.

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