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  Hello, my name is Kati . and I'm 32 years old and currently living in Australia. I am a native Finnish speaker and teach Finnish. I have been an online Finnish teacher with Verbalplanet since July 2020. I can speak the following languages fluently: Finnish, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 60% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
Latest Reviews
19 Oct 2020
Agnieszka S
 I like it very much that our lessons go in natural way. We have topics for lessons planned in advance but, we do not stick to them tightly. We discuss current events spontaneously what makes our lessons more interesting and more effective :) Kiitos paljon :) 
08 Oct 2020
Agnieszka S
 Once again, thank you Kati for having lessons in comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. If school was like that, every kid would like going there ,) 
05 Oct 2020
Michal S
 Very nice lesson, I', looking forward next meeting. 
24 Sep 2020
 Kati is the best! Tailors the sessions exactly to what I need, encourages me to actually stay in Finnish rather than lapsing into English all the time, and working with her has made a massive difference to my spoken Finnish and to my comprehension. I say "working!" but it never feels like work, just a fun conversation. But I'm learning so much! Kati is a fabulous tutor. 
07 Sep 2020
 Brilliant session as ever. Kati is very patient and works hard to tailor the lesson to the needs of the pupil. 
07 Sep 2020
 Kati was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She listened patiently, helped with some of my pronunciations and she also explained some grammar. However, she's only available in the mornings and I'm not so sure if that time will be suitable for me in the long run. 
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About me - English


I offer lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced Finnish students. We can explore different topics and practice talking in a normal conversational way.

I’m a native Finnish speaker and I currently live in Western Australia. I love the lifestyle here and enjoy spending my time surfing, snorkeling, camping, gardening and coding. I have a law degree from a university in the UK however I’m looking to get back into teaching as I enjoy meeting new people and sharing my love for the Finnish language and culture.

I’m patient, calm and friendly. My intention is to make you feel as comfortable as possible in speaking and to make learning Finnish interactive and fun.

Qualifications & Experience

I have been teaching on Verbalplanet for just over a year and it's been fun!

I have a Teaching English as a Foreign Langauge (TELF) certification. I’ve worked in classrooms in the UK for primary school-aged children. I have personal language learning experience which is helpful in understanding how a new language is acquired. I’ve studied French and Chinese in school and a few years ago I went on a 2 week intensive Spanish language course during which my Spanish went from total beginner level to being able to hold a basic conversation. I look forward to bringing in all the things I enjoy about language learning into my lessons.

Teaching Approach

My intention is to ultimately teach you how to THINK in Finnish. This means incorporating lots of speaking into the lessons and keeping things interactive and immersive. We’ll focus on vocabulary and concepts that will be useful in real-life situations such as for business purposes, for traveling, or for school. We’ll pace the lessons to suit your individual learning speed and learning style, for example keeping things structured or more free and conversational.

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About me - Finnish


Tutkitaan Suomalaista kielioppia ja sanastoa yhdessä niin että saavutat päämääräsi!

Olen kotoisin Etelä-Suomesta ja nykyisin asun Australiassa. Tykkään surffata, snorklata, retkeillä ja seikkailla sekä kasvattaa puutarhaa. Minulla on oikeustieteen tutkinto Englantilaisesta yliopistosta, mutta haluan tavata uusia ihmisiä ja jakaa kokemuksia. Olen kärsivällinen ja ystävällinen ihminen, ja tarkoitukseni on tehdä suomen kielen opiskelusta hauskaa ja saada sinut puhumaan niin paljon kuin on mahdollista.

Qualifications & Experience

Olen suorittanut TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) kurssin seka olen työskennellyt kouluissa Englannissa. Olen itse opiskellut monta eri kieltä, opiskelin ranskaa ja kiinaa koulussa sekä muutama vuosi sitten kävin kahden viikon intensiivisellä espanjan kielen kurssilla. Koen että minulla on paljon kokemusta kielen opiskelusta.

Teaching Approach

Tarkoitukseni on auttaa sinua ajattelemaan suomeksi, koska olen itse todennut sen olevan kaikkein tärkein asia jos haluaa oppia puhumaan mitä tahansa kieltä sujuvasti. Oppitunneilla yritetään puhua mahdollisimman paljon ja keskittyä sanastoon ja käsitteisiin jotka ovat hyödyllisiä tosielämässä. Yritän tehdä oppitunnit niin että ne sopii sinulle ja että saat paljon niistä irti.

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