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Daisuke Shindo
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 Hello, my name is Daisuke Shindo and I'm an experienced native Japanese language tutor currently living in Viet Nam. I have been teaching Japanese online since 2022. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
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Latest Reviews
tutor Hugh C
New Zealand
 very encouraging and skilled at extending conversation into more challenging topics - while helping with English words only when necessary to keep the conversation flow. Thank you again 
tutor Hugh C
New Zealand
 very helpful for preparing me to revisit Japan. Clear communicator and excellent guide in our conversation. Left me feeling more confident.  
tutor Mehmet Akif P
United Kingdom
 He is an awesome person 
tutor AdrianG
 先生 prepared material thoroughly, including fact checking, showing a commitment to authentic news materials. Shindo-san was patient, keen to give helpful tips, and connects with the student. 
tutor AdrianG
 Another thoughtfully prepared class, matching my interest in law, corporate governance, and cross-cultural business issues. I am very happy and satisfied. 
tutor AdrianG
 Well chosen news item that is at the centre of my work. Helpful coaching and feedback. 
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About me - English

Hi, nice to meet you.

I'm Shindo, a native Japanese speaker with a Tokyo accent. I was born in Tokyo and lived there for 40 years. I moved to Vietnam 8 years ago. After graduating from university, I entered law school and studied environmental laws and policy. Now, I'm doing businesses such as import/export, sports business especially football (soccer), and real estate brokerage service. I'm interested in many things, therefore, we can talk about various topics in my lesson.

Qualifications & Experience

I have a teacher's license for teaching the Japanese language in Japanese schools. I majored in Japanese language and literature at university. I have plenty of knowledge of Japanese grammar which will help you.

Since I graduated from law school, I can do the Socratic method in the case study.

In business, I have been working as a consultant in the energy industry in the Philippines, a waste management project in Micronesia, and have worked with JICA, a Japanese governmental organization. I have experience writing reports for my clients including the Japanese government.

I can explain things logically and clearly with explanations.

I have experience teaching Japanese to Vietnamese young people in a language center in Hanoi, Vietnam for one year.

*I do not have much experience teaching Japanese to children. To be honest, it is hard for me to teach Japanese to children online because I do not have any methodology for it.

Teaching Approach

If you are a Japanese learner with standard textbooks, I can answer your questions about the contents of the textbooks.

My class is suitable for students with CEFR A2 -C1 to improve their Japanese skills. If you want to practice decent, natural, business Japanese, my class is good for you.

My students can pick up some news articles from websites, or I will assign some in advance. Culture, business, society..., any topics will do. Students read aloud the articles in the lesson. I will correct the pronunciation, ask some questions about the contents of the article, and talk about the topics together. Sometimes, it will be a news video so that the student can train his/her listening ability. If the student takes my lesson regularly, I will give him/her opportunities for quick reviews based on the concept of the forgetting curve.

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About me - Japanese



Qualifications & Experience





Teaching Approach




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