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Ruggero Paruta
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 Hello, my name is Ruggero Paruta and I'm an experienced native Italian language tutor currently living in Italy. I have been teaching Italian online since 2022. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 70% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
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About me - English

Qualified teacher & professional Jazz vocalist

Ciao! My name is Ruggero and I'm an Italian language teacher and a trained vocalist from sunny Sicily (southern Italy). I hold a degree in 'Teaching Italian to Foreigners' as well as a certification from the University of Perugia for Italian language teachers.

I simply LOVE teaching my language. I do it with great passion and lots of fun in many different ways, especially using my knowledge as a qualified Italian singer when talking to my students and articulating the correct Italian sounds.

First of all, as I love to say to my students (and as you see from this lines) I don't speak English AT ALL... unless it's schedule time :)

Secondly, I constantly adapt the speed of my speaking according to my student level even if it takes one entire hour just to teach them 'Buongiorno'.

I'm a very funny teacher. I love to mix different techniques and materials and to change them every other lesson. I use lots of videos, songs and articles - depending on the student's level - and I focus on conversation first. I also do Italian Grammar if the student is interested - most of the times - but in a very dynamic way. With the majority of my students I usually spend 10 to 15 mins on the Grammar every lesson, using pdfs as well as paper books, if they wish to buy one.

I've also had the greatest opportunity of teaching whatsoever in the world - that is teaching at an Immigration Center in Palermo. I even taught 50 people at the same time in the most difficult conditions but never missing a laugh every other minute. This taught ME a lot and I couldn't help but have fun.

I worked in a private school too and I managed a small-medium group.

I don't want to spoil the surprise any longer, that is why I'm waiting to get your request and meet me for a trial lesson!

Qualifications & Experience

I hold a degree in Teaching Italian to Foreigners & Translation as well as a certification from University of Perugia. I taught in several schools, including an Italian language school for Immigrants in Sicily.

I have 7 years of teaching experience online with student from all around the world.

Teaching Approach

My method is definitely communication-oriented and one where the mistakes are encouraged as long as you try to speak, no matter your level. Making mistakes helps you learn the language. Communication first, then Grammar!

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About me - Spanish

Soy profesor de italiano certificado con una licenciatura en Italiano Para Extranjeros y cantante de jazz profesional también.

Más de 7 años preparando estudiantes en internet. Conozco la gramática española y esto me permite conocer las fortalezas y debilidades de un estudiante de habla hispana.

Qualifications & Experience

Tengo más que 7 años en la enseñanza y una certificación de Italiano para extranjeros, específicamente para los residentes en Italia (Italiano L2 - "idioma segundo").

Teaching Approach

Mi enfoque didáctico es muy directo - la gramática es importante pero la comunicación es lo que importa más. Reserva una clase de prueba conmigo para que podamos hablar de tus objetivos y pasiones y de cómo podría ayudarte a alcanzarlos.

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