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 Hello, my name is David Nwadilim and I'm an experienced Dutch tutor currently living in Germany. I have been giving Dutch lessons online with Verbalplanet since 2023. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 70% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
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About me - English

Hello there!

I'm David and a native of Germany. Learning languages has always been a passion of mine. Experiencing new cultures via language acquisition is simply fascinating! I'm immensely grateful for all the wonderful people I've met so far, and was able to communicate with, thanks to having learnt a particular language. It's amazing how each language has contributed to the expanding of my character, and has given me a greater appreciation of the diversity all around us.

Teaching, in general, has always been something that I deeply admire. To be able to help others comprehend a concept, and to contribute to their learning progress, is a meaningful endeavour and deeply rewarding! I've been told many times that I have a knack for teaching, and that some of my character traits lend themselves perfectly to this profession. Needless to say that it only took me some introspection, before I knew that teaching was something that I wanted to pursue in earnest. I enjoy it more than I could ever adequately describe. It has definitely been the right decision to make!

I look forward to helping and getting to know more people here! Let's have many wonderful learning experiences together!

Kind regards,


Qualifications & Experience

I've studied English, Spanish and Geography at a German university. Pedagogy and social sciences were also an integral part of my education. Alongside my studies I sat in on many classes in different schools, and had a lot of conversations with teachers about the applied didactics and methodologies. It was part of my education to teach, and thoroughly prepare, classes on a regular basis. Afterwards the lessons would be analyzed and discussed. I've learnt a lot from this approach!

In addition to the official classes, I privately tutored high school students in English and Spanish. I also gave extensive German lessons for immigrants and refugees, which included written and oral exams.

I've worked as a full time teacher in German trade schools for many years. I have taught a variety of subjects such as English, German (for native speakers), mathematics, economic policy, welfare studies, music, musical early education for educators and socio-educational assistants. For all my classes I had to devise suitable tests and exams in order to evaluate and ensure progress. I had to grade my students every year, and help them succeed individually.

I've easily taught more than 4,500 lessons over the years. I taught students from all walks of life, with their ages ranging from fifteen to forty-five years. I gave lessons for entire classes of thirty students, for small groups of up to five, and individual one-on-one classes. During the pandemic I gained a lot of experience with teaching online.

I would consider myself a person who is versatile, experienced, knowledgeable and ideally suited to help others on their journey to language acquisition and mastery. Not only because I've studied it, but also because I've passionately taken that journey myself several times already.

Teaching Approach

There are many ways to teach a lesson. I'm a lover of a varied approach whenever applicable. I can honestly say that I will always do my very best to find suitable methods in order to facilitate comprehension and learning.

Students are different, and all have their own individual needs and expectations. I see myself as someone who is guiding them along their chosen path. Occasionally prompting them to discover (the beauty of) a concept here and there they might otherwise have overlooked. Helping them to develop long-term strategies that will make them feel accomplished and self-assured.

I've been told that my teaching classes are easy-going, interesting, manageable, open-minded, thought-provoking and (believe it or not) humorous. I'm a gentle teacher, and I highly value being kind, patient, modest and encouraging. I always strive to create an environment that fosters a positive feeling. An inviting atmosphere is essential for learning anything at all. I welcome mistakes students make because it's normal to do so, plus that is one of the best ways to learn something properly.

Over the course of a lesson, I might use audio files, videos, transcripts, books, worksheets or custom-tailored exercises that I feel are best suited for that particular student. Likewise, I will also train conversation - practical or otherwise.

My ultimate goal for you, as my student, is to enjoy yourself while learning and progressing!

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