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 Hello, my name is Treesukondh Thaleikis and I'm an experienced native Thai language tutor currently living in Thailand. I have been teaching Thai online since 2023. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
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About me - English

Hello and Sawasdee ka

My name is Treesukondh Thaleikis or you can call me "Tree". I am 30 years old and a native Thai. I am a freelance English and Thai translator, SEO content writer and Thai teacher for foreigners as well.

I was born in Nakhonratchasima province. Now, I live in Leipzig, Germany with my partner but I visit my family in Bangkok from time to time.

When I have free time, I like to spend time listening to podcast, painting water colour pictures, writing blogs about my travel experiences and Thai language learning materials.

My dream is always travelling the world and until now I have achieved 25 beautiful countries around the world (and still counting).

Qualifications & Experience

I am passionate about English and use my English skills for work, including teaching Thai as a native.

I enjoy teaching Thai very much. Me and my students normally have lots of fun in the class together. I am happy assisting my students to achieve on their journey of learning Thai.

I began tutoring when I was at university. I taught English and other languages for Thai and foreign students.

I am a German learner and I know exactly how painful it is to learn a new language from scratch. So, I would like to teach Thai in an easy and fun way!

I have trained and I am certified as a Thai teacher for foreigners with a Thai language school in Sydney, Australia. I have been teaching Thai for foreigners for 6 months now.

Teaching Approach

Why study with me?

- Learn common used words in Thai and can build sentences from there

- The courses are designed to learn step by step and easy to understand

- Review the vocabularies from the previous chapter before starting the new chapter

- Use flashcards to help you remember the vocabularies better

- Learn to build sentences from words that you have learnt before so they never get forgotten

- Learn through pictures to make it easier to remember

- Have exercises for practising in each chapter

- Really aim on learning to speak like a local

- Open to student's ideas on how they want to learn

- Can create custom learning material upon request

- Safe and fun learning environment

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