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 Hello, my name is Mireia Ibanez Cid and I'm an experienced native Catalan language tutor currently living in Spain. I have been teaching Catalan online since 2023. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
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About me - Catalan

Bon dia!

My name is Mireia, and I am a native Catalan teacher and linguist. As a linguist, I spent several years of my life studying the Catalan language at university, and currently I work as a Catalan proofreader at one of Catalonia’s most prestigious newspapers. Aside from that, I also have a Master’s degree in Language Teaching and I have taught languages at the Spain’s public education system, for companies and in private lessons. I speak English, French and Spanish fluently, and I am currently learning Russian.

As you can see, not only am I passionate about languages, but I also work with them at a professional level (be it as a proofreader/translator or as a teacher), so I really hope I can transmit my motivation to you!

Qualifications & Experience

I have taught languages (Catalan, French and English) at Spain's public education system for two years, and I have been providing private lessons since 2018.

Teaching Approach

After studying languages and the pedagogy of languages for many years of my life, I have come across what I consider the best method for learning: a perfect balance between theoretical knowledge (grammar, syntax, vocabulary…) and hands-on experience. And by hands-on experience I do not only mean the so-called “oral expression”, but also learning about society and Catalan culture. I love introducing cultural elements in my lessons, such as songs, news, fragments of books, movies and Catalan TV series. We will not only learn about them during the lessons, but I will also provide you with resources and recommendations so you can explore them at your own pace.

The other key element that I found is essential for successful language learning (and believe me, I have taught teenagers!) is *motivation**. So I really strive to tailor my lessons to your needs and interests. From here, I will adapt my lessons as much as possible so that you can reach your goals while having a good time.

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