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Kate Lin
Chinese Cantonese
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 Hello, my name is Kate Lin and I'm an experienced Chinese Cantonese language tutor currently living in China. I have been teaching Chinese Cantonese online since 2023. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
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About me - English

Hello 你好!! My name is Kate. I am a native professional Chinese (Mandarin) language tutor with many years of teaching experience. I can also speak English, Cantonese and Vietnamese. My students include children and adults. They are from the US, UK, Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Philippines and so on. I have a rich and varied language teaching method, so that you can learn Chinese language easily and happily.

I love teaching and sharing my Chinese knowledge with students so that students can better understand Chinese culture. No matter what kind of learning goals you have, I will do my best to help you achieve them. If you are looking for a Chinese tutor, please feel free to send me a message or book a lesson!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Qualifications & Experience


- Sun Yat-sen University in China with a bachelor's degree certificates.

- Chinese National Putonghua Level 1 B certificates.

- National Primary School Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate.

- National Public English Level 3 Oral Examination Certificate.


2018 to present: Online Preply Chinese teacher

2018 to present : Independent enrolment Chinese teacher

2019 to present : Tutoroo Chinese teacher

2020 to present : Stepes Chinese translation

Teaching Approach

Teaching method

* Customized courses

Tailor a course or curriculum to each student's interests, goals, and personality. I always adapt myself and my lessons to my students. Keep the class atmosphere lively and keep both parties positive.

* Effective communication

I can talk to you even if your vocabulary is limited. I can encourage you to break the deadlock and build your confidence in learning Chinese. If you are an advanced student, I can also give you video/audio lessons and use the key sentence patterns and core vocabulary in the video/audio for class discussion.

* Easy and fun lessons for kids

For children ages 6-12, we learn through their favorite songs, nursery rhymes, stories or cartoons. For teenagers, arrangements can be made for them to give a summary, speech or discussion, write an essay.

*Textbook Information:

I will find personalized teaching materials suitable for students and flexibly apply them to students' teaching. I will make targeted contact in class, arrange exercises after class, make real-time classroom videos and electronic textbooks. Help students consolidate their knowledge.

* Business Chinese

To teach business people who come to China to do business.

*Other Courses:

Chinese culture course,

Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced Chinese,

Travel Chinese, listening/speaking/reading/writing classes, etc.

Exam preparation :HSK, IBDP, SAT, AP, A-level, IGCSE, YCT, BCT.

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