Live Greek Lessons on Skype... is the easy & effective way for anyone to learn to speak Greek. Enjoy interactive online language classes with experienced, native speaking Greek teachers.

Our Greek tutors can help you bring learning Greek to life and provide professional online language training and tuition on Skype to people all over the world.

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Flexible timetableLearn Greek wherever you want & when you want.

Ultimate flexibility. Pick a Greek tutor from anywhere in the world & learn online at the times that fit your lifestyle.

Affordable. From one lesson to a complete language course. Verbalplanet makes Greek language tuition accessible to everyone.

Chart and monitor your progressInstant feedback. Monitor and track your learning.

Chart your progress in each core language skill over time and get rapid feedback from your language tutor.

Online analytics make it easy for you to track progress, identify weaknesses and view lesson notes and feedback from your teacher.

Live native speaking experienced teachers.

Interactive one to one tuition.

Individual to your needs & ability.

Trial lessons & loyalty discounts.

Learning a language on Skype is flexible, effective and fun. Start speaking Greek from the very first lesson with some of the best online Greek tutors in the world.

Teaching : Greek
Rating : 100% Positive
 George Pandeleos 
George Pandeleos
Teaching : Greek
Rating : 99% Positive
 Jackie Smith 
Jackie Smith
Teaching : Greek
Rating : 99% Positive
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A very effective language learning tool delivering one to one tuition by putting you in direct touch with native speakers worldwide.

   These classes are really different. I feel for the first time like I am actually learning a new language.
   A very enjoyable class with a very competent teacher at a very reasonable price. Worth a 1000 textbooks.
   My first lesson was exactly as I was hoping it would be. Intense, efficient and fun. Definitely my way of learning.