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logo    11 June 2019
French language apps

What's the best way to learn French online?

Spoken by around 370 million people across all five continents, there’s never been a better time to learn French. And in an era of dwindling language uptake at schools—dropping by up to half at GCSE level—you wouldn’t be alone in considering learning French later in life.

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logo    11 June 2019
learn French fast

Looking to learn French in a hurry? Find the fastest route.

Whether you have a trip to Paris planned or an upcoming meeting with a native French speaker, sometimes there’s a need for speed. There are no miraculous learning techniques to give you instant fluency, but you can follow some useful tips and tricks that will help you speak French as quickly as possible.

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logo    11 June 2019

What makes French a great language to learn?

As the sixth most widely-spoken language in the world, learning French can make traveling easier and much more enjoyable, and with so many companies around the world using it when doing business, it can considerably enhance your job prospects.

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