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Ana Garcia
Location: United Kingdom
Learning: Turkish
Classes: 88

Ana joined Verbalplanet in January 2016 learning Turkish. Ana took on the challenge of learning this fascinating language as her sister had moved to Ankara in Turkey. With a work schedule which moved from week to week, it was important for Ana to find a language course which offered flexibility in addition to qualified native speaking teachers.

Using Verbalplanet, Ana was able to learn Turkish on online and take classes with a native speaking Turkish teacher who could support and motivate her to achieve her language goals.

Gain insight into another culture

I have been learning Turkish on and off with Verbalplanet for two and a half years now.

At the beginning my main motivation was that my older sister had moved to Ankara with her family and I thought it’d be nice if I also learned the language.

In the meantime, my sister and family have relocated again but I have become completely in love with the Turkish language and now I want to learn it just for the love of the language.


Lessons that fit your lifestyle

My schedule changes from week to week, so for me it was very difficult to have a "traditional" language class with fixed weekly appointments.

I turned to the internet to see what online language courses there were, and found Verbalplanet. I cannot remember which other services I looked into, but I do remember that Verbalplanet is the one that convinced me from the beginning.

The abundance of tutors, the easiness of use, the reviews from other students, the free trial lesson… there are so many spot on features in this language platform!

I have become completely in love with the Turkish language and now I want to learn it just for the love of the language.

Meet Ana's Turkish Tutor: Tarik Yilmaz

Location: Turkey
Subject: Turkish
(1977) Lessons
 99% Positive

 (182) Reviews
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Hello, my name is Tarik Yilmaz and I'm an online Turkish teacher with Verbalplanet. I am a native Turkish speaker and I have been an online language tutor since November 2013.

Ana Garcia has been one of my students on Verbalplanet, and to date I have taught 1977 classes and have 182 reviews from other students who have also been learning Turkish online with me. If you would like to improve your ability to speak Turkish I am sure I can help you progress and achive your language goals. My classes have an emphasis on conversation and oral skills so really help to boost your confidence. I'm also currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

If you would like to find out more, please click on my profile link to get in touch and we can discuss how I can help you learn to speak Turkish with greater confidence and fluency.

The abundance of tutors, the easiness of use, the reviews from other students, the free trial lesson… there are so many spot on features in this language platform!

The right teacher makes all the difference

Verbalplanet made it possible, but what really has made the difference is my tutor, Tarık, who is a fantastic teacher, motivating, fun to learn with, and a great expert as far as online lessons and possibilities within them go.

My Turkish improves by the day, but even more importantly, my motivation to learn the language is ever growing. The journey to proficiency will be very long for me, but I am willing to go all the way!

Quick Facts: Turkish

Turkish is a Turkic language spoken by the native people of Turkey. It is also spoken by sections of the community in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Republic of Macedonia and other countries of the former Ottoman Empire. Turkish forms part of the Altaic language family.

In total there are around 65 million Turkish speakers worldwide. The development of the Turkish language was significantly influenced by the adoption of Islam by the Ottomans as their religion.

During the course of over six hundred years of the Ottoman Empire the Ottoman language acquired a rather large collection of loan words from Arabic and Persian, consecutively influencing the Turkish language. Whilst older generations of Turkish speakers tend to use words of Arabic origin, the younger generations favour using new expressions. Consequently, older and younger people in Turkey tend to express themselves with a slightly different vocabulary.

You'll be in good company. Students from around the world use Verbalplanet to learn Turkish and you can too.

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Regular conversation with native Turkish speakers is the key to real fluency. There's no better way to build confidence, develop comprehension skills, and achieve natural pronunciation with an authentic accent. Rated Excellent on Trustpilot, our online language classes are fun, effective and guaranteed to get you talking.

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A very effective language learning tool delivering one to one tuition by putting you in direct touch with native speakers worldwide.
I needed a more intensive approach, and luckily I came across Verbalplanet. This service provided the framework and the means for an incredible learning experience.

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