Counting to 100 in French: A Comprehensive Guide for Language Learners

Learn how to count from 1 to 100 in French with this detailed and easy-to-understand guide. Perfect for beginners.


Learning to count in French is a fundamental step for anyone beginning to study the language. Mastering numbers not only enhances your vocabulary but also prepares you for various real-life situations, such as shopping, telling time, and navigating public transportation. This article provides a detailed explanation of how to count from 1 to 100 in French, breaking down the process into manageable sections.

Basic Numbers: 1 to 20

The foundation of counting in French starts with the numbers from 1 to 20. Here is a list of these numbers with their French equivalents:

  1. un
  2. deux
  3. trois
  4. quatre
  5. cinq
  6. six
  7. sept
  8. huit
  9. neuf
  10. dix
  11. onze
  12. douze
  13. treize
  14. quatorze
  15. quinze
  16. seize
  17. dix-sept
  18. dix-huit
  19. dix-neuf
  20. vingt

These numbers must be memorized as they form the building blocks for higher numbers.

Numbers 21 to 69

After 20, French numbers follow a regular pattern up to 69. Here are some examples to illustrate this pattern:

  • 21: vingt et un
  • 22: vingt-deux
  • 23: vingt-trois
  • 30: trente
  • 40: quarante
  • 50: cinquante
  • 60: soixante

For numbers 21 through 69, the pattern is straightforward. Combine the tens (vingt, trente, quarante, cinquante, soixante) with the unit numbers (un, deux, trois, etc.). Note that "et" is used only with 21 (vingt et un), 31 (trente et un), etc.

Numbers 70 to 79

Counting from 70 to 79 involves a unique construction in French. The numbers are built by combining 60 (soixante) with the numbers 10 to 19:

  • 70: soixante-dix
  • 71: soixante et onze
  • 72: soixante-douze
  • 79: soixante-dix-neuf

Understanding this pattern simplifies learning these numbers.

Numbers 80 to 99

For numbers 80 to 99, the French language uses a base of 80 (quatre-vingts, literally "four twenties"):

  • 80: quatre-vingts
  • 81: quatre-vingt-un
  • 90: quatre-vingt-dix
  • 91: quatre-vingt-onze
  • 99: quatre-vingt-dix-neuf

This method requires you to think in terms of multiplication and addition, which might be different from other languages but follows a logical structure once you get used to it.

Reaching 100

The number 100 in French is "cent." There is no plural form for "cent" when it stands alone or follows a number like quatre-vingt (80). However, if it precedes a unit (e.g., 101), it remains "cent un."

Practical Tips for Learning Numbers in French

  1. Practice Regularly: Consistent practice helps reinforce memory. Use flashcards or mobile apps designed for language learning.
  2. Listen and Repeat: Audio resources such as language tapes or online videos can help you master pronunciation.
  3. Use in Context: Apply your knowledge in real-life scenarios like counting objects, asking for prices, or setting dates.
  4. Group Study: Partner with a fellow learner to practice together. Teaching and correcting each other can enhance learning.


Counting to 100 in French involves understanding the basic numbers, recognizing patterns, and practicing regularly. By breaking down the numbers into smaller sections, learners can gradually build their proficiency. With dedication and practice, anyone can master counting in French and use this skill as a stepping stone to further language learning.

By mastering these basics, learners not only improve their numerical vocabulary but also gain confidence in their overall language skills.

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